Sunday, June 26, 2011

Teaching Respect

You meet a girl.  She's attractive.  You agree to go out.  She shows up at the joint, a million bucks in heels.  Within the half hour you and she are making out at the bar right there at the plank.  You get up to visit the little boys' room; when you return a half a dozen guys are chatting her up.  She handles them with ease and disappears with you into the night.

Next meeting, you are standing in a different joint, alone, waiting.  She texts you--"I have an awful headache, tried to get rid of it but I just couldn't, this is terrible...was dying to see you."

Ok.  A mulligan.

Next time you meet it's on the day she chooses.  You wanted a Thursday or Saturday; but Friday it is.  Ok.  At first she had said "anytime after 7:30."  You wanted 8.  She said "fine" then a couple hours later the text arrives: "let's make it 8:30."  You get to this joint--a third one--a little early, sweating and anticipating.  Another text, 8:28 pm:  "I'm on the road."  8:50 pm:  "sorry traffic is terrible!"

The student stays and waits.  The professor sends the following text back:  "You didn't leave until 8:30 and it's Friday night, thus the traffic was likely to be horrendous.  Plus I gave you a chance to change the time.  I'm not feeling well and going to go home."

9:02:  "I'm parking, wait, I told you the traffic was bad."  Then a phone call--now, she wants to talk.  You ignore the call.  Another text; this one is angry and confused.

It's confused because no one treats her this way.

Being with women truly is about respect.  It's about teaching respect.  But here's the thing:  you aren't teaching them to respect you.  You are teaching you to respect yourself.  Try it on for size.

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  1. hi alex,
    first off, i really like this post. wish you had more men on your boat.
    thanks for your sweet comments..and enjoy your weekend!