Friday, May 20, 2011

A Rainy Way

It's morning and a curiously quiet May rain falls, spinning its fine aura over the city.   Without trying the rain seduces you by being sly and sexy even as it gums gutters and soaks your shirt.

One of the things I continually emphasize to men who ask me for advice about women is that you have to use those parts of YOU--parts that already exist and that in a large sense cannot be invented for the purpose--in order to position her for seduction.  It is not easy to directly describe the process but I can tell you what it feels like.

More than anything, it feels even, like the quiet rain.  It is not jerky or loud or arrogant; it isn't weak either of course but it does hold a quiet consistency, a focus that is nearly impossible to resist.  When you are truly using yourself to talk to a woman the thoughts and phrasing come from all over your past; the associations you draw--what you choose to say and choose not to say--do not need to be mapped out in advance.  This is how you weave a connection.  Do not underestimate the impact of this style on a woman, who is used to being endlessly played, punked and objectified.

Suppose instead of the rain, we look to music as a proxy for a Guerilla's education.  Not music you play when the prey is already cribbed but music that is you when you think about using yourself to first say (without actually saying it):  This Is Me; I Am Attracted To You; I Can Create A Wicked Connection Between Us.

Listen to a piece of "Upstairs" on Pell Mell's CD Star City:

When you bring this vibe to the table, many things will happen, some good, some awkward, some surprising, some you can't control.  A woman may say, for example, why are you looking at me like that while she talks because while her mouth is moving you are looking into her wench eyes thinking "yeah, yeah"--answering a question she hasn't thought of yet.  She says this because she is used to a structured interaction, delivered by a pizza boy looking to pick up.  The boy uses nothing of himself; he's all technique.  You brought something different.

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