Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bob Crane

I was always a fan of Bob, the genial Colonel Hogan from the TV show on CBS back in the day.  There was something about the guy that transcended the menial role he played in life.  Before he went in to acting, Bob was a disc jockey in L.A. in the 50's; I remember my dad telling me that his style was almost absurdly breezy.  He was as easy as the era.

Here's the thing.  If you want to study a true Guerilla, you need to watch the credit roll introduction to Hogan's Heroes.  As the flutes play and the POW's line up, there is a close up of Crane smiling and shifting his eyes ever so slightly.  Note his expression carefully--the smile is assured without being smug.  Crane knew the difference between the two.  Most guys don't.  Most guys trip over it and wind up coming across as soulessly cocky.  Bob Crane wasn't cocky.  He was simply confident.  He was handsome and he knew it.  He was a charmer and he knew it.  In his mind, he never had to prove anything.

This kind of even approach works well with women.  But it needs to be cultivated; you don't see, say, many 19 year olds that give you the vibe that Crane does.  The tricky bit is that there is rolling thunder behind the veneer; women need to sense the thunder while at the same time being drawn in by the equanimity, the ballroom confidence.  If you watch an episode, study how Crane flirts with Klink's secretary (Sigrid Valdis, whom he married in real life).  No sharp movements; no lurid vocals; no whacky antics.

It is the precision of the hunter.

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